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  • The Dunholme News


    So far we have produced small editions of the Dunholme News for May, June and July but only published them on line and without any advertising  August will probably be the same

    However, there may be a possibility that the Dunholme News will be produced, printed and delivered  in full in September.  Conditions would have to be right though.  It will all depend on the continuing easing of the lock-down restriction by the Government. It looks as though some non-essential businesses are being allowed to open but with restrictions. Activities such as sports, educational, religious, and social events will not be able to commence until the new year as there may still be an element of social distancing which may make it impossible to restart. Also advertisers may not wish to be included if they are unable to trade properly.   But we are putting in place conditions that will allow us to get an edition, printed and delivered. Hopefully something close to normal even though most activities will still not be able to take place.  It will be an opportunity though to let your members know what you are planning.  The closing date for the August edition will be 27th July but for the September edition it will be 15th August.


    John Ritchie Editor



Pantomime Group

It is with great sadness that we have decided not to go ahead with the planned pantomime at Welton Village Hall this year.

It may seem early to have made the decision however there is a lot of background work which goes into set building and costuming, which begins in June, and rehearsals, which begin at the end of August.

Under the current circumstances and lockdown it would be extremely difficult to maintain social distancing and as the set building is a group effort, it would be impossible as we are not able to gather as a group.

With such uncertainty around the current situation of Covid-19 we felt the risks, to health and financially, far outweighed the benefit of being able to put on the panto this year. The health of our audience and cast, some of whom are in vulnerable categories, are at the forefront of our decision.

Ultimately our aim as a group is to entertain families at Christmas time whilst raising money for local charities and causes,  however we do not know whether such large gatherings of people will be permitted by the end of November, therefore to avoid further disappointment nearer the time, we felt it best to make the decision now.

We hope that you are able to understand our decision and stress this is a decision that was not taken lightly.

We'd like to thank everyone for their continued support and look forward to welcoming you back on the 26th/27th November 2021 for our bigger and better performance of Snow White!

Money raised from the performances will be donated to the family of Elena Betts to a project in her memory. You can find out more about Elena by searching Elena's Story blog on Facebook.

You can also follow Welton Pantomine Group on facebook to keep up to date with fundraising events and news.



Camera Club


Well what a time we have all been through and for those of you like the members of the camera club being unable to get out and about does indeed make a great difference to our lives. We are all beginning to get a little more freedom now and although the camera club members cannot meet as a group yet the members are managing to get out and about taking some exercise and of course you have to take the camera so that you don’t miss the shot. During this period of time that we have not been able to meet we have not really missed a meeting because through a bit of learning I have now produced a YouTube channel for the camera club and we have a “Virtual” meeting every week at 7pm.

 We have covered most of the topics and competitions on our annual programme so we have not missed out on any of the activities except for meeting up as a group. If you would like to join in with one of our meetings check out the YouTube channel “Dunholmecameraclub” and if your logged in then let us know you are watching by dropping a note into the “Chat” we usually get around 25 members a night, if you do join us make sure to like the channel and subscribe for further meetings.


I must admit that personally I have missed out on all of the spring happenings what with one thing and another I haven’t ventured out much but hopefully soon will be able to get out with the camera and take some more pictures. During the last 12 months I have started doing some night photography, quite a challenging Genre of photography but when it all comes together the images are amazing. Also, with the night photography I do some light painting which is another big learning curve but once again very rewarding. We will be covering a lot of different subjects on out Thursday night YouTube meetings so make sure you join in.   


Well we are not currently having any meetings at The Old School at Dunholme so there is no meeting dates to give you but do go over to our website and take a look at some of the amazing pictures that the members put on there and of course don’t forget to join us on a Thursday night and hopefully you will gain a little knowledge about photography


Grahame Dunkin         Club President


Dunholme Village Hall & Dunholme Old School.


 A joint statement from the Trustees of the Dunholme Village Hall and the Dunholme Old School Community Centre.

An announcement is has been made that  all Village and Community Halls can re-open from  6th July 2020.  An information sheet has  been  produced by ACRE (Action With Communities in Rural England and the YMCA-CommunityLincs detailing a guidance  by the government on the procedures to be taken for this to happen.


The Information sheet contains 20 pages of  what the management committees would have to do to meet their requirements with a further 18 pages of Appendixes.

Having studied the guidance both committee’s have concluded that to implement these regulation set out by Public Health England were such that it would be almost impossible for them to  be complied with on all counts.. The administration and practical  requirements for the committee, and all users of the hall, to undertake would require a disproportionate time and money and would  still not guaranty safety  for  all , particularly those most venerable.

It has therefore been decided that neither venue will open until the management committees feel it is safe to do so, this may not be until 2021 and be dependant on all the restrictions being lifted. management Trustees of .Both  venues will review the situation again in July and August.

In the mean time all user group committees should consider their own  Modus Operandi . This would require holding the appropriate insurance to cover Covid 19 cases, carrying out a Risk Assessment on the groups’ personnel and how they would handle any social distancing  and cleaning while occupying any public building that may apply at the time


John Ritchie and Peter Forman




Taking Advantage of the Lockdown


As neither the Village Hall or the Dunholme Old School Community Centre will be open for use for some time the management committee’s have taken it upon themselves to do some refurbishment work on their appropriate buildings.

Dunholme Village Hall

Since the bar  is now not in use it has been decided to turn it into a small meeting room.  This will make it ideal for small committee meetings. As the only access to the bay is from the main hall it has been decided to add an extra door from the entrance lobby. This has entailed moving a central eating radiator. The bar will be maintained but closed off with concertina doors so that it could be brought into use at any time for social gatherings should it be required.


Dunholme Old School

Continuing the refurbishment of the whole building the central heating system is being extended to the main hall and the porch.

It had been hoped that the floor, last laid about 15 years ago, would be adequate to stop the rot from beneath caused by the design of the Victorian building. Unfortunately this was not the case and the floor is beginning to sag again through rotten joists. It has therefore been decided to rip the wooden floor our and install a solid concrete floor with a vapour barrier underneath and a vinyl floor covering on top. This hopefully will be completely by September.




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