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Dunholme Village


Background picture taken of havesting in a corn field on Honeyholes Lane August 2014

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The Parish Church of Dunholme is dedicated to St Chad.

There has been a church on this site for at least 700 years and there may have been a worshipping community in the village for even longer.  The fact that the Doomsday Book (1087) makes no mention of the church in Dunholme does not necessarily mean that no church existed.  It is one of 31 churches dedicated to St Chad, a native of Northumbria


January 5th



Scothern: Morning Worship


Dunholme: Morning Worship


Welton: Holy Communion




January 12th

Baptism of Christ (Epiphany 1)


Scothern: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Holy Communion


Welton: Holy Communion (said)


Welton: Holy Communion




January 19th

2nd Sunday of Epiphany


Scothern: Morning Worship


Dunholme: Morning Worship


Welton: Holy Communion




January 26th

3rd Sunday of Epiphany


Scothern: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Holy Communion


Welton: Holy Communion


Dunholme: Encounter Evening




St Chad’s Sunday School  

January 12th 10.55 am


We invite you to St. Chad’s Sunday School

every second Sunday of the month in Dunholme Old School

 Meet for child friendly activities followed by Communion in the Church

and the rest of the church family

Hope to see you all there!


St Chad’’s Church Notices

St Chad’s Church Notices


Knit and Natter

Don’t forget to come along to the monthly “drop in” at St. Chad’s Church on the third Wednesday of every month (next is 15th January) between 9.30 am and 11.00 am.

 Open to all whether you can knit, crochet or just natter?

Please feel free to bring along your own items or join with us in supporting local charities. All welcome and child friendly.



The three churches in Welton, Dunholme and Scothern will be praying for our communities, street by street, including any groups, organisations, schools that may be on that street through each month. You don’t have to tread the pavements to take part!!


 During January St Mary’s, St Chad’s and St Germain’s churches will be praying for Anderson, Kneeland, Merleswen, Paynell and The Granthams.

 If you would like to join us or just know a bit more before you make up your mind, please contact Glyn on 861907, Dave on 860986 or Yvonne on 862258


 From St Chad’s Registers

 We share in the sadness of those who mourn the death of a loved one, remembering those whose funeral has taken place, or cremated remains have been laid to rest recently:


 4 December June Taylor


‘Encounter’ at St Chad’s Church, Dunholme

 Do you like singing Christian Worship songs of all kinds? Then why not pop along to an “Encounter” evening at St Chad’s Church in Dunholme on the fourth Sunday of a month from 7pm.

It is a very relaxed, informal atmosphere where you can join in with the songs or just sit and listen. We also may have a few verses from the bible or a poem as well as some time for private prayer and reflection and maybe encounter God. The evening usually lasts about an hour with time afterwards for refreshments and time to chat with one another.

We look forward to welcoming you so why not give it a try?


 Dave Farley (Tel 01673 860986), Helen Loving (01673 861714)

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Rev Adam Watson

Dear Reader,

I wonder what the best Christmas present that you've ever been given is? I remember with great affection my first proper bike with gears. I was about eight years old and my parents had got me a very second-hand bike. It was a smaller gentleman's bike, three-speed, which my dad had painted (pretty badly, and I imagine, last thing on Christmas Eve in the dark) with blue gloss paint. This was in the eighties where my friends who also received bikes had been given Raleigh Burners and Grifters to add to the fleet of those who were cruising around on their classic Choppers. 

Now there were some who might have thought that I hadn't been given as good a bike as those other iconic and fashionable two-wheelers, but I didn't end up seeing it that way. When it came to any race that was more than a sprint, my bigger wheels and gears came into play and I could take any of them on and come out on top. (Although when we built ramps, the BMX's would always make the best jumps, whilst I simply gained buckled wheels and punctures). That bike was a really great present though.  It's great to give and receive presents isn't it? Especially when they are meaningful and just what we need. 

For many of us this is what Christmas is about - recognising and celebrating that the most meaningful and needed gift for the world was given in Jesus. This gift of Jesus born among us as God's most precious gift for the world shows us just how much he loves us, he came to bring healing to a broken world and to show us the way that leads to peace. This gift given on that first Christmas night is also a gift for us today as God continues to invite us to know and follow his only Son. 

So as we celebrate in the receiving and giving of gifts this Christmastime, in this time of inequality, uncertainty and elections, perhaps we can remember the generosity of God sending his Son to us? Perhaps we can look to be generous to those around us in what we do and say? Perhaps we can look to spend time with our neighbour and bring peace to those situations where it might be needed? Perhaps we can share loving smiles and kind words?

I hope you have a really blessed and peaceful Christmas and look forward to celebrating it with you at one of our Christmas services.  Adam


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Rev Andy Burrows

telephone: 01673 862486


Welton & Dunholme Methodist Chapel

Methodist Services

January 5th 10.30 am  - Rev’d. Helen Hooley - Covenant and Holy Communion

January 12th 10.30 am  - Rev’d. Keith Tomlin

January 19th 10.30 am   - Rev’d. Martin Amery

January 26th 10.30 am  - Sandra Clack

Youth Club

Youth Club is now being held fortnightly at the Chapel; £2.00 per session.  Please see the link below to the Facebook page for up- to-date information:

 Coffee Mornings

We are open every Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 10.00 am to 11.30 am.  Why not pop in for a warm welcome and a hot drink?  There is a book stall and toys available for the children.  On the first Wednesday of the month the Sewing Group get together from 10.00 am to 12.00 noon.

Ladies Fellowship.

Ladies Fellowship meets on Thursday 9th January at 21 Chapel Lane for an evening with Elaine Johnson.  We meet each month on the second Thursday with a variety of speakers and topics.  We are a friendly informal group and newcomers are always welcome.  If you would like further details about any of our meetings, please contact Barbara (860823). 

Men’s Breakfast.

These informal social events are organised by Welton & Dunholme Methodist Church.  They are open to all men, whether churchgoers or not, interested in a good breakfast and meeting new friends.  Usually we have a speaker and on a variety of subjects.  We meet at 8.45 am and aim to finish by approximately 10.15 am.  It is held on the third Saturday each month and the next one will be on Saturday, 18th January at The Secret Garden Tearooms, Welton.  Anyone interested, please contact John (860823) or David (861461).

Move-it Mobility Welton.

A chair-based stretching, balance and co-ordination class for the over 45’s at the Chapel every Monday from 12.45 to 1.45pm.  Come along and join in the fun!  Contact Chris on 07523719703

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you.

On behalf of needy families in Lincoln, thank you so much to all who were able to donate to my appeal for toys and food this Christmas time, also thanks for the help from the local Co-ops . It is sad in this day and age that we need to make such appeals, but we do, and once again the kind folk of Dunholme & Welton have excelled themselves. I have been running this appeal for many years and each year we seem to get more gifts. Due to your kindness many families in our area will have a better Christmas. So as you open your parcels or sit down to a wonderful meal please give a thought to these families who will be able to do the same thanks to your generosity.  This is the love of Christmas in action, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Linda McCree

 Film Club

We were in true festive spirit when we met on December 5th.  This year’s Christmas film was ‘The man who invented Christmas’ the story of how Dickens came to write ’A Christmas Carol’. This was followed by a festive afternoon tea. After the Christmas excesses we have a break as we do not meet until February 6th. If you would like to join us you would be made really welcome please ring 860998 to book a seat or for more information. 


Letter from Rev Dr Helen Hooley


January marks the time of year when churches observe a week of prayer for Christian Unity.


 On 10 May 1941, in a terrible raid, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey were bombed. The abbey was saved by the courage of firefighters, but much was destroyed. The very next day, at one of the lowest points in the war, there was a meeting of a group concerned with Christian Unity, attended by leaders from the Catholic and Anglican churches and from the Free churches. The meeting closed with these words:


 “Our unity must not be in sentiment and in word only; it must be carried into practical measures. Let us have a regular system of consultation and collaboration… to agree on a plan of action which will win the peace when the din of battle is over.”


 The whole assembly then said the Lord’s Prayer together.


 “There is one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, and one God and Father of all”. The living truth that demands a personal response is the Christmas truth - the truth that the Word became flesh, that God is revealed in the only terms we can understand, human terms: a God who is with us, speaking our language, suffering beside us and dying for us. We, who have been divided by history, long for a visibly united church, each tradition reunited with the other but not absorbed, still retaining its God-given diversity. And so we celebrate our belief in the Christlike God, his mercy and his grace, in the reality of forgiveness - God forgiving us, us forgiving each other.


 But that doesn’t go far enough. The vision is of the unity of the whole of humankind. There are no ‘outsiders’, for God’s lively and inviting love is without bounds. Any unity we seek must be to that end - the kind of unity that allows those outside to glimpse with delight and hope the possibility of their own wholeness and reconciliation.


 During the week of Christian Unity, we are reminded that our history has divided us. Please God, the Spirit is drawing us into a united Church which will be generous and diverse enough to contain us in all our infinite variety.


 I wish you Grace and Peace, for this New Year.

 Rev Dr Helen Hooley

 (Thanks to Michael Mayne - Responding to the Light).




Our Chapel was founded by a young Wesleyan preacher by the name of John Hannah in 1815.  He was the third son of a local coal merchant whose parents were both Wesleyan Methodists, so it is probably not a surprise that he became a Minister himself at a young age in 1814, when he began preaching in the villages surrounding Lincoln.  He was noted as an impressive preacher and a ready public speaker of unusual eloquence and ability who twice held the office of President of the Wesleyan Conference, first in 1842 and then again in 1851.  He travelled extensively, twice visiting the United States with the Wesleyan Conference of Great Britain as a representative of English Methodism along with numerous positions in the United Kingdom, both as a Minister and a theological tutor at parishes as varied as Stoke Newington, Hoxton and Didsbury in Yorkshire.

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John Hannah