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The village of Dunholme is situated some six miles to the north of Lincoln City in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom.  The parish, although smaller than some of it's immediate neighbours, stretches from the foot of the Lincoln Edge in the west to the Langworth River in the east.  The western part of the parish was once known as the Heath, and the eastern as the Fen, a name preserved in Fen Lane, the correct name for Market Rasen Road.
The village stands almost in the centre of the parish, on the banks of a beck (stream or small river) and at the foot of several very low hills.
In the book "The Place and River Names of West Riding of Lindsey" it states that the name of Dunholme is derived from "dun" meaning "hill"  and "ham" meaning "river bend". Another surgestion of "Dunna's ham" or the "ham" (home) of Dunna, probable an Anglo Saxon, seems more likely.

The earliest writen evidence concerning Dunholme is found in the Domesday Book of 1087.  At that time Dunholme was divided between three owners, the King, Ilbert de Laci and Ralph Paganel.  The kings land was passed on to the Bishop of Lincoln who is still today the Lord of the manor of Dunholme.

The village has a population of approximately 1860 people and did have one public house the "Lord Nelson", unfortunately it has now closed and is due for demolition. In its place will be a C0-0P food store.  We also have a "Spar" shop which includes a Post Office, and a hair dressing salon. The village also has a junior school 'St. Chad's' taking children from 4 to 10 years old, and the William Farr Comprehensive CE School for ages11 to 18.  The village also has a village hall and a community centre which was the old junior school up to 1984.


Above: The Village Green with the War Memorial,  Market Rasen Road on the left

The War Memorial was erected after the first world war but does include those that died in the second. The names are
WW 1                                   WW 2
Harry Cottingham         Jack Andrews
George Creasy             Dennis Braithwaite
Fred Portus                   John Dixon
Harrold Portus

Dunholme Old School Community Centre

The beck bridge leading to the church

Lincolnshire County Council

West Lindsey District Council

Dunholme Improvement Group


Top: The Lord Nelson Pub before being demolished to make way for a CO-OP store
Above: the CO-OP store on the day it opened on 22nd October 2014 


Above: The village spring bored in 1892 a good source of natural spring water.
The Lord Nelson Pub

The beck looking towards 'The green'


Above: The Parish Church of Dunholme "St Chad's" Built in the 12th Century although it is believed that there was some sort of church on the site before then.

The Village SPAR shop and Post Office

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