Dunholme Parish Council:-


Dunholme Parish is in the district of West Lindsey and the county of Lincolnshire.
The Parish Council has nine elected Councillors


For information contact: -

Dunholme Parish Council Contact Details

Clerk: Mrs Laura Richardson

Address: 20 Monckton Way, Dunholme, Lincoln, LN2 3QL

Telephone Number: 01673 862738

Email Address clerk@dunholme-pc.gov.uk

Website address: www.parishes.lincolnshire.gov.uk/dunholme  

The Parish Council Meeting 

Next meeting date – Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7.30pm via zoom.



If you have any issues you wish to bring to Councillors attention or any ideas you would like to put forward, why not join in. 


Dunholme Parish Council

A remote meeting of Dunholme Parish Council took place on Monday 1st March 2021

Flooding in the village

The Parish Council are aware of several flooding issues within the village.  Please be assured that we are communicating with the necessary external bodies to try and alleviate these issues as soon as possible.

Kennington Close Play Area Improvements

At the time of writing the new fencing is due to be started this week, so at the time of reading, it should now be installed.  This will mean that there is now a divide between the play area and the main green field.

Whilst dogs can use the playing field area, please ensure they do not enter the play park area.  And please make sure you are picking up after your dog as well.

Whilst in place, all covid-19 restrictions must also be followed whilst using the village play areas.

Mud on roads

There have been several reports of mud on the road – particularly along Honeyholes Lane.  This has been passed onto the contractors in the village in the hope that a road sweep or something similar can be arranged.  Hopefully, with the weather improving slightly, this wont be an issue for much longer.

War Memorial Maintenance

The Parish Council have applied for funding to clean the war memorial.  The application passed the pre application stage and the main application has now been submitted.  We now need to wait to see if we are successful or not.  As the application is for maintenance, rather than conservation, it may be rejected at this stage, but it is always worth a try to get funding where possible.

Oak Wood

A lot of work has been going on in Oak Wood to make it Spring ready.  Soe further snowdrops and bulbs have been planted as well as a couple of new saplings and cutting back some of the over growth.

Going forward with Covid-19 restrictions

Play areas can remain open for exercise only purposes – please ensure that social distancing and hand washing guidelines are followed.  We are washing down the high traffic areas on a regular basis to help keep you safe.

Litter picker – Our litter picker is still out working as she cannot work from home and is a lone worker, therefore she is able to continue.  When you see her out and about please feel free to give her a wave but do remember social distancing regulations.  She does a great job.

Vacant Seats

There are currently 2 vacant seats on the Parish Council – if you are interested in joining us, please contact the Clerk for further information.

Useful Information

Clerks contact details – Laura Richardson, 01673 862738, clerk@dunholme-pc.gov.uk

Next meeting date – Tuesday 6th April 2021 at 7.30pm via zoom.


               Job Vacancy - Cleaner

Dunholme Parish Council are looking for a hardworking and reliable cleaner.

Working on your own, you will ensure that the sports pavilion facilities are kept in a clean and tidy manner, including cleaning the changing rooms once a week after football matches as well as cleaning the toilet facilities on a regular basis.

The position also includes spraying down the play area equipment bi-weekly (this aspect of the position is only whilst Covid-19 restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of the play area users).

Location – Dunholme, Lincoln

Hours – 4 hours per week – these can be worked at anytime to suit you apart from cleaning the changing rooms which must take place after a football match.

Salary – National minimum wage

If you would like to be considered for the position, please contact the Clerk for a copy of the job description and an application form.

Deadline date for applications – 31st March 2021


The Council are happy to consider this appointment on an employed or self-employed basis.


West Lindsey Council Elections Dunholme and Welton - results

Election Candidate





 RODGERS, Diana Meriel










 GRIMBLE, Caralyne Margaret





 SWIFT, Paul

Liberal Democrats



Not elected

 PARISH, Malcolm John William




Not elected





Not elected


Con Hold - Edward Leigh 
Majority:  17,023    Size:  75,893   Turnout:  67.8%

Why not become a Parish Councillor?

All parish council seats are due for election in 2012 when local elections are held.

What is the role of a Parish Councillor?

 To represent the ward and the views of it's residents that he or she represents at grass roots level

 ·        To work in areas of community leadership

 ·        To plan, run, develop and monitor parish council business

 ·        To always work in the public interest

How long is a term of office?

Four years unless elected at a by-election when you would serve until the next scheduled election.

Will I have time to be a councillor?

Dunholme Parish Council meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (except August) at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

How much will I get paid?

There is great reward to be gained by serving your community at grass roots level, though unfortunately there is no provision for a parish councillor to be paid. You may be reimbursed for expenses. There is a limit to how much may be claimed.

For further information on the legal qualifications and procedure for becoming a Parish Councillor please contact:

Mrs Laura Richardson
20 Monckton Way
LN2 3QL 
Tel:  01673 862738
e-mail: dunholmepc@btinternet.com 


The Dunholme Parish councillors are elected to serve on the council every four years. 

Meetings are held every month except August and are held on the third Wednesday of each month in the Jubilee room of the Dunholme Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.  Members of the public may attend these meetings. The first 15 minutes are open to any parishioner to put questions to the council.  After that no discussion by the public is allowed while the meeting is in progress.


Cllr Tony Pache (Chairman)

Cllr Nick Rodgers (Vice Chairman)

Cllr Dr Karen Savage, 

Cllr Sarah Keetley, 

Cllr Chloe Keetley  

Cllr Dan Rimmer.  

Cllr Matt Burre.


Lincolnshire County Councillor:- 

 Sue Rawlin 01673 885545

West Lindsey District Councillor:-

Cllr Diane Rodgers

Cllr Steve England

Cllr Caralyne Grimble


Your Member of Parliament is

Right Honorable Sir Edward Leigh MP

House of Commons
Tel 02072196480

Or in the constituancy:
28 Queen Steet
Market Rasen
Tel: 01673849003